Current Federal Rules of Procedure Now Available From CALI and LII

Publication1The Federal Rules of Procedure govern how litigation in federal courts occurs.  They are also a very common supplement assigned to law students, who then spend upwards of $50.00 to purchase them.  So it is with great pleasure that we can announce that the current editions of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Bankruptcy Procedure and Appellate Procedure (with forms) are now available – for free! – in ebook format from eLangdell Press.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Evidence are published in partnership with our friends at the Legal Information Institute of Cornell University.  They are leaders in the area of open law and have made remarkable advances on a tight non-profit budget.  While all of these books are totally free to use, they are not free for LII to make.  If you’d like to send them a donation, they’d sure appreciate it.

The Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and Bankruptcy Procedure are an eLangdell Press in-house publication made from the new US Code Beta Bulk Download site.  This source has greatly improved the look of the forms in the Rules of Appellate procedure from our previous edition of these rules.  Now they are coded into the ebook instead of PDF images inserted into the book.

All flavors of these rules benefit from the new eLangdell Press CALI Reader.  Now you don’t need an eReader, Smartphone or Tablet to read these rules – you can do it right from your browser!  Here are the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure in the CALI Reader as an example.

If you are a law professor assigning Federal Rules of Procedure this year, please consider using these for your supplement.  Your students will appreciate the cost savings.  And, of course, you don’t have to be an academic to use these.  All of these books are free to use however you want.

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