CALI Excellence for the Future Awards

SampleAwardThe CALI Excellence for the Future Award®, often shortened to “The CALI Award” or referred to as “I CALI’d a Class”, is given to the student who receives the highest award in a law school course.  Awards are given at the discretion of the faculty and in rare cases two awards can be given for the same course.   During the summer of 2013, we were thrilled to give out the 200,000th CALI Award! Currently about half of CALI’s membership give CALI Awards to their students, and the full list of participating schools and winners can be viewed here.

Why Participate in the CALI Awards Program?

As we all know, law school is a grueling, extraordinarily difficult experience.  Why not provide a bit of congratulations to those students that do well and recognize them for their efforts?  In addition to a print award, CALI Award winners are also given a unique URL to a “Virtual Award” that they can place on electronic resumes, personal websites and social media profiles and show off their achievement.  It’s a nice addition to class rank and GPA to show off legal skills and knowledge to prospective employers.  We also have a LinkedIn Group for CALI Award winners that allows for networking amongst award winners.

Best of all, the CALI Award program is absolutely free for CALI Member schools to participate in.  If you would like your school to participate, please contact CALI Executive Director John Mayer and he can get your school set up.


Students, if you want to win a CALI Award, this law review article from two award winners gives tips (as well as tips on how to generally do well in law school!)  We also have FAQs available for schools and students.

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