For Your Consideration…


It’s that time of year when up and comers and even older reliable stars have ads and phone calls placed on their behalf in the hopes that this will be the year that they are picked.

No, I’m not talking about Hollywood awards season, I’m talking about law school casebooks.

If you are a law school faculty member, I invite you to look at what we have to offer here at CALI’s eLangdell(R) Press. eLangdell Press(R) books chapters are very similar to traditional casebooks.  We hire tenured and tenure track law professors to write casebooks, which are reviewed by a law faculty editorial board.   However, we think we’ve made some great innovations in casebook publishing that make our books a great asset for your courses.  These include:

  • Open licensing – our casebooks and be edited and remixed without worrying about copyright infringement
  • Multiple formats – There is no special software required to use our eBook versions of our casebooks and they are compatible with multiple devices. We also have PDF and print versions for the traditionalists among you.
  • No cost to your or your students. – The one exception is print books, but those are sold at cost with no profit to CALI at all.

As the books and chapters are free and open, you can even incorporate just a chapter or section into your existing course without any undue financial burden on your students.  All of our casebooks and casebook chapters are available for ebook, word and PDF download on the eLangdell(R) Press website.  If you’d like to preview a print copy, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Sarah AT


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