It’s Never Too Early in the Semester to Start Taking CALI Lessons

beaverIf you haven’t been warned yet, law school exams are not like undergraduate exams. If you were able to get by with cramming the night (or even week) before finals, unfortunately that’s not going to work now.  Even if it did work for your exams, that’s not the way to retain knowledge – and you’re going to want to remember the law for the bar exam and your future career!

Our user statistics show that most of our lessons runs occur during the “finals rush.”  And while CALI Lessons are a good way to prepare for finals, that’s definitely not the only time to take them.  They can help you absorb material throughout the semester and be more prepared for class.   Not sure where to start?  Try our list of CALI lessons cross-referenced to casebooks OR our subject breakdowns.

Even if you’re not ready to do some substantive law exercises, we have some lessons that will help you with the process of absorbing legal information.  They are:

  • How to Brief a Case.  Everyone develops their own method eventually on how to take notes for class.  This lesson will give you a good starting point so you can make sure that you’re including everything that you’ll need come finals time.
  • Learning Legal Analysis Through Its Components: Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion – IRAC.  The IRAC analysis pattern will help you in reading and deciphering cases as well as in your LRW and final exam writings.
  • Plagarism – Keeping Out of Trouble.  Finally, as with everything else in law school, you may find that academic honesty and honor codes are much tougher and strictly enforced than in undergrad.  This lesson can help you stay out of  Honor Council hearings from an inadvertent mistake.


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