Come see CALI at AALS!

2932769640_de0390516f_mLegal education is at a cross roads… and CALI can show you the way!   Stop by our booth (#202-206 in the exhibit hall) and see what all we have to offer!

Assessment and Experiential Learning are two of the hottest topics in legal education right now thanks to some changes to the ABA accreditation requirements.  Did you know that CALI already has assessment and experiential learning tools in place and ready for you to use?  It’s true!

Our CALI Lessons and the underlying CALI Author software can be used for either formative or summative assessment by you and your students.  We have over 900 lesson in 40+ legal subjects.  LessonLink allows you to  view student performance on CALI lessons down to a question by question basis.  If our existing library doesn’t work for you, you can always edit and/or write a new lesson and then publish it on our site for free with our AutoPublish feature.

As for experiential learning, how does hands on work with legal aid organizations and using technology to create guided interviews for self represented litigants sound?  CALI is currently working with several law professors on a pilot program incorporating A2J Author into new or exisiting law school courses and clinics.   A2J Author is a document assembly software program that allows non-programmers to create step by step interviews that allow self-represented individuals to fill out forms that can be submitted to courts.

But wait!  There’s more!  But you’ll have to stop by the booth to see.  The entire CALI staff will be available to take suggestions and answer your questions.   See you there!

Photo Credit: Daniele Pesaresi via Compfight cc

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