CALI Lessons’ Self-Publish Option Gets an Upgrade

createOur authors create CALI Lessons using special software built by CALI: CALI Author. The software is free for staff and faculty at CALI member schools, and we just released CALI Author version 4.1.8 this month.

CALI Author is easier to use than you might think, and you don’t have to go through the normally rigorous editing and selection process our official CALI lesson authors go through to simply publish your own lessons just for your students. The AutoPublish feature in CALI Author lets you customize one of those already in the CALI library of lessons or even create your own lesson from scratch, self-publish your creation on our servers, share it with your students (or whoever you want), and even track student usage of your lesson.

And if you AutoPublish using the latest version of CALI Author, it publishes your creation into the new CALI Lesson user interface. In other words…

  • CALI AutoPublish LogoNew AutoPublish lessons automatically track student score data as the lesson progresses, and saves those scores in your faculty account. Never again will your students lose lesson scores because they didn’t follow your directions forgot to actively hit a save button.
  • New AutoPublish lessons work on smartphones and tablets such as iPhones and iPads.

If you’re interested in self-publishing lessons, we’d love to help. Deb, our Director of Curriculum Development and someone who has helped hundreds of law professors use CALI Author, recorded a webinar series on lesson authoring using CALI Author. And here’s a tutorial specifically for AutoPublish. You can even contact Deb personally at if you have questions.

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