Farewell to Austin Groothuis

First of all, it’s pronounced “GREAT-house”, not “grue-THEW-ee-us”.

I learned that the first day I met Austin quite a few years ago when CALI hired him as a student intern. Later, we hired Austin into the newly created position of Communications Coordinator aka “Marketing Dude” because getting the word out about CALI ‘s many projects using blogs, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social media outlets was getting so intricate that we could not continue to do it in staff found time.

Over the past several years, Austin has splendidly increased awareness about CALI. He was becoming the voice of CALI – always calm, always polite, always ready to engage the comment hordes with a frank and honest reply. Austin made himself tremendously useful in so many other ways as well at the AALS booths, paralegal conferences, CALI Conference, etc. We got used to seeing his mug around and are diminished by his departure.

Austin is leaving CALI to join the ABA Antitrust Section. I know that he will be successful and I know that I will look forward to watching his successes in the future. Please join me in wishing Austin a farewell.

Sarah Glassmeyer, CALI’s Director of Content Development will be taking over many of Austin’s social media and community development functions. Emails to agroothuis@cali.org will be directed to her immediately.   


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1 Response to Farewell to Austin Groothuis

  1. Austin Groothuis says:

    Thanks so much, John.

    I’ll miss you (and having a boss who can rock a Lego mask http://youtu.be/AAKe5VgxSCg and Elvis costume equally well http://cca.li/kn ), the rest of the CALI staff, and so many others in the legal ed world I had the chance to work with. It’s been my pleasure, and I’m sure I’ll see many of you around.

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