CALI Lesson Teaching Guides

teachingFaculty members logging into CALI this week will see a new box on the upper left hand side of each lesson page.   (It’s also visible here, on the upper left hand side of this blog post.)   As you can see, it’s titled “Teaching Guide.” This box, viewable only to faculty, contains links to all the tools we have to enhance the CALI Lesson experience for faculty and (hopefully) make it easier to assign CALI lessons.

Here’s a brief rundown of what each link does:

  • Faculty View – This puts the entire CALI lesson (including answers) on one HTML page.   This makes it easier to review the lesson and provides the ability to print it out, if you would like to review it that way.
  • Lesson Mapper – the CALI Author software that powers CALI lessons allows for very sophisticated branching and logic.  Remember “Choose Your Own Adventure” books?  It’s like that.  The Lesson Mapper is a visual guide to how the pages of the lesson interact with each other and the flow and branches of the lesson.
  • Download – Did you know that faculty can edit and privately republish CALI lessons?  Well, you can!   This link will download a zip file of the lesson and it’s images.  You’ll need to download CALI Author in order to edit the lesson, but then you are free to change it to suit your needs.   This FAQ on AutoPublish has more information.
  • LessonLink – LessonLink turns CALI Lessons from a student study aid into a faculty assessment tool.  It gives CALI lessons a special URL that will allow the faculty member that created the LessonLink the ability to view each student’s score down to a question by question basis.  And it can be done with a simple push of a button!

We are always trying to make CALI more user friendly.  If you have any questions or enhancements that you’d like to see, please contact us at



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