Where are the ALWD Lessons?

ALWD-citation-guide-front-cover-copyA very popular resource on the CALI.org website has been the four lessons that decipher and explain the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD) Guide to Legal Citation.  They were assigned by all sorts of courses, from basic legal research to advanced seminars.

So why did we remove them?

Well, quite simply, they were out of date.  CALI lessons are not just written and reviewed by law professors, but also revised by them to remain current.  Our lessons were for the 4th edition of the ALWD Guide.  The new 5th edition has just been released and not only does it contain significant changes, but it also comes with an online companion that effectively eliminates the need for CALI lessons.   Thus, a decision has been made to remove the lessons permanently instead of revising them.

If you would like more assistance with legal citation, please check out Prof. Peter Martin’s free Introduction to Basic Legal Citation available in the eLangdell Press bookstore.

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