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We all experienced the largest experiment in Remote Emergency Teaching in history.  Law faculty scrambled to learn new software, librarians scrambled to deliver services and answer reference questions, Teknoids delivered laptops and provided tech support to all.  Instructional Designers and Ed Techies scrambled to make the pedagogy and curriculum make sense.  Deans and administrators scrambled too.  Lots of scrambling!  Time to share your recipes.

Fall semester is going to be another story – and one that we will tell – but what can we learn from Spring 2020?  We want you to capture the insights, the failures, the lessons, the experiences you all had during the Great Remote Emergency Teaching of 2020.  In the spirit of an online conference, we require your presentation to work within these constraints…

  1. 15 minutes of video submitted by May 15, 2020.

  2. Cover any topic that relates to Pandemic + Legal Education + Tech.

On May 21, 2020, we will assemble your presentations into clusters around similar topics and pick three to present LIVE during the conference on June 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2020.  There will be three clusters of sessions each day for a total of 9 hours.  One or two of those hours might be used for keynote talks – we’ll have to see what we get.  That means there will be 21 to 24 fifteen minute talks.  The last 15 minutes of the hour will be held over to polls, Q & A and discussion.

All of your experiences are valuable and interesting.  This is an opportunity to capture your experiences and share them.  If we don’t select you for a live presentation, we will still post your video to the conference website.  This is the asynchronous part of the conference – it’s the long tail.

No need to get approval from us before creating your 15-minute video.  Panels are acceptable.  Interviewer + Guest/Q & A formats are wonderful too.  Here are some topics I would really like to see people discuss – just to whet your whistles…

  • How did you use Breakout Rooms in Zoom and to What Effect?

  • Debate: Live online lecture vs. Recorded lecture

  • What’s the best camera, lighting, laptop, setup for law faculty?

  • Best Practices for Rolling Out Loaner Laptops

  • Things I Would Have Done to Prepare If I Had Time

    • Faculty version

    • Librarian version

    • Teknoid version

  • How awesome was it to assign awesome CALI lessons?

  • Law Student Voices of the Pandemic (Yes, we want sessions from law students!

  • Managing Multiple Communication Channels – email, slack, chat, text, zoom, etc, etc.

  • How did law school IT handle bandwidth, security, streaming?

  • How did you engage with students beyond talking to a camera?

Everyone has experiences.  Take a moment and reflect on yours and share.

Register and submit your videos at

“See” You in June!
John Mayer
Executive Director, CALI

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