New CALI Podcast Available – The Basics of Consideration and the Bargain Theory: Discussions in Contracts

This podcast by Professor Jennifer S. Martin examines when agreements are enforceable as contracts because they are supported by consideration. The podcast looks at common descriptions of consideration, including benefit-detriment and “bargained-for exchange.” It also considers traditional issues of consideration and common disputes involving unequal bargains, nominal or sham consideration, and past consideration. The podcast discusses several hypotheticals and also the following cases: Schnell v. Nell, 17 Ind. 29 (1861), Hamer v. Sidway, 124 N.Y. 538, 27 N.E. 256 (1891), and Basatkis v. Demotsis, 226 S.W.2d 673 (Tex. Civ. App. 1949).

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