CALIcon14 is a Wrap!

caliconYes, another CALIcon has come and gone. Thank you so much for attending! I kept hearing the phrase “my people” in sessions and hallways of CALIcon and that’s ultimately what CALI and CALIcon is about – Community. And we couldn’t have one without you.

Personally, I thought it was a great one, but who really cares what I think? Not many people, I tell you what. What do you think??? TELL US. That’s the only way we can make future CALIcons better. There is a survey at for you to take and let us know what you would like to see at future CALIcons. If you think of something else later on, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and tell us later ( . CALI is a consortium and we’re here to serve you.

Huge, huge, HUGE thank yous to the following people:

1) The librarians, faculty and staff of our hosts Harvard Law School and Harvard Law School Library. A special shout out to Gail Harris, who was our point person at HLS. She was amazing and we could have not done it without her.

2) Our sponsors – Hein, BloombergBNA, ThomsonReuters, Interpid, Extegrity, ExamSoft, CLIO, Appointlink/MyLaw2.0, Electronic BlueBook, Quimbee, and the Free Law Coalition – Justia, LII, Oyez and

3) Our fabulous keynote speakers Jason Scott and Dorothea Salo. And all session speakers as well. If it weren’t for you, CALIcon would just be three days of Mayer dancing around in costumes. Could you do us a favor? Will all speakers please upload their slides/materials to the pages of their sessions? We will also be posting the video recordings of the sessions on these pages soon. There is a 1-5 flame voting system in place on these pages as well if you would like to rate them.

And finally, thank you to all my coworkers, with special mentions to CALI staff members LaVonne Molde and Elmer Masters. They handle the bulk of CALIcon planning, with LaVonne overseeing logistics and Elmer the content.

You may have won a raffle prize – I will be contacting the winners of those who had to leave early and sending those prizes on. And finally, if you missed the online action, Rob Richards has graciously collected the #CALIcon14 tweets and storified them for us ( .

See you next year in Denver, CO!!! The University of Denver Sturm Law School will be our hosts.

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