Don’t Hide from the Future – Teach It!

6129795259_61f095b88f_zEarlier today I caught a tweet from Law Librarian and Professor Shaun Jamison about his Future of Law course. Specifically, it was about a CALI resource he’s been using – one I tend to forget about but is so valuable and useful today.  Yes, CALI has a set of resources – powerpoints, recorded lectures and exercises – created by some of the leaders in the legal practice world and absolutely free for you to use and adapt in your classes.  We call them the Topics in Digital Law Practice.

This set of resources orginially started out life as a MOOC held in the Spring of 2012.  The topics ranged from document automation to virtual law practice to the technology that’s used in the courts.  The speakers graciously donated their time and work materials to CALI and we have published them on the web with a Create Commons CC BY-SA  license.  That means that you can reuse, remix and republish them and all you have to do in return is credit CALI’s Topics in Digital Law Practice as your source and link back to the site if you are publishing it on the web.

The topics and speakers were as follows:

Friday, February 10, 2012 2pm-3pm EST
The Virtual Law Office
Stephanie Kimbro
Attorney and Technology Consultant
Twitter @stephkimbro

Document Automation
Marc Lauritsen
Attorney and Document Automation Expert
Twitter @marclauritsen

Technology in the Courts
Jim McMillian
Principle Court Technology Consultant
National Center for the State Courts (

Unbundling Legal Service Delivery
Richard Granat
President of SmartLegalForms, Inc. and DirectLaw, Inc.
Twitter @rgranat

Free Legal Research Tools
Sarah Glassmeyer
Director of Community Development / Law Librarian
Twitter @sglassmeyer

Contract Standardization
Kingsley Martin

Online Legal Forms in Legal Aid
Ronald W. Staudt
Professor of Law
Chicago-Kent College of Law

Unauthorized Practice of Law in the 21st Century
William Hornsby
Staff Counsel at American Bar Association

Social Media for Lawyers
Ernest Svenson
Attorney at Law
Twitter @ernieattorney

Happy Remixing!

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