Trouble Logging in to CALI Website Yesterday/Sunday? All fixed now … and sorry about that.

If you ever experience problems with the CALI website or any CALI services, email

If you had problems logging in to the CALI website starting Sunday, August 21, 2016 in the morning until about 8pm EST, it was a problem on our end. You were not going crazy.  So sorry.  It’s fixed now. 

The problem would manifest as looking like you were banned from the website (how rude!).  Resetting your password would not necessarily have worked.  This would not happen to everyone at once, but intermittently from the user’s viewpoint.

It’s related to our upgrades to the website to require https/ssl on all web traffic.  More security = good.

Sorry about the problems.  If you have problems in the future, don’t hesitate to email if anything at all looks strange or doesn’t work the way it’s should.  Multiple, semi-sentient beings monitor that account – even on weekends.

John Mayer
Executive Director
312-906-5307 – Office
@johnpmayer – Twitter


About John Mayer

Executive Director of the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI). Follow me on Twitter @johnpmayer. Contact me via email at Call me at 312-906-5307.
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